Dr. med. Jörg Allmendinger

Born in 1974, Dr. Allmendinger works as a consultant for foot and ankle procedures for Dr. Pellegrino. He completed medical school in Erlangen in December 2001. His medical career then led him to the Entlebuch region, then the University Hospital of Basel, and later the etzelclinic. To perfect his skills, he commuted across the border to Waldshut in Germany, where he qualified as a specialist and became a consultant. Early in 2015 he was appointed consultant for foot and ankle surgery at the etzelclinic by Dr. Pellegrino.


  • AGSZ | Ärztegesellschaft Kanton Schwyz
  • FMH | Foedaratio medicorum helveticorum
  • AGA | Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arthroskopie
  • GFFC | Gesellschaft für Fusschirurgie
  • AOFAS | American orthopedic foot and ankle society