The Hip

In recent years, hip problems have begun to occur more frequently. Sports enthusiasts in particular are prone to painful damage to or wear of the hip joint, which can result in osteoarthritis if left untreated. Hip surgery at the etzelclinic provides assistance to its patients in the form of three types of therapy, selected depending on the severity of the diagnosis.
Minor issues can be treated with specified physiotherapy or even infiltration therapy. More advanced treatment is available in the form of minimally invasive investigation of the hip (arthroscopy) to determine optimal, gentle means of resolving numerous types of damage to the hip joint. In this way, the cartilage can be renewed, the articular lip can be sewn or reconstructed, and protruding bones can be smoothed. In cases of advanced osteoarthritis, we recommend the implantation of an artificial hip joint using a technique that is minimally invasive and preserves the soft tissue, allowing for rapid rehabilitation and patient independence.

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