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Dr. med. Jan Leuzinger

Born in 1965, Dr. Leuzinger is a senior shoulder physician at the etzelclinic. He studied medicine at the University of Zurich, and passed his examinations there in 1991. He then proceeded on the traditional medical career path, holding positions as assistant and senior physician, before becoming senior physician and the chief deputy physician at the Ruti District Hospital in 1999. In 2000, he and Dr. Borsky founded the etzelclinic. He is now one of the most distinguished shoulder surgeons and, in addition to his work at the etzelclinic, is an active educator, teaching, giving guest lectures, and performing live surgeries and international shoulder surgery research.


  • Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie
  • Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Traumatologie und Versicherungsmedizin
  • Europäische Gesellschaft für Knie, Sport und arthroskopische Chirurgie
  • Surgery Institute, Annecy (Dr. Lafosse)
  • Deutschsprachige Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arthroskopie, Instruktor und Mitglied der Kommission Kommunikation
  • Französische Gesellschaft für Arthroskopie
  • Europäische Gesellschaft für Schulter- und Ellbogen-Chirurgie
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